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Endocrine Disorders

Sand Lake Internal Medicine, Primary Care, Orlando, Florida, Endocrine Disorders

At Sand Lake Internal Medicine, we provide comprehensive care for endocrine disorders, ensuring you receive the best possible treatment and support to manage your condition effectively.

Endocrine Disorders Care

  • Management of diabetes, thyroid disorders, adrenal gland disorders, hormonal imbalances, and more
  • Care for kidney and urinary tract disorders like chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections

Diagnosis and Assessment

  • Identification of symptoms through physical examinations
  • Performing diagnostic tests such as blood tests, imaging studies, or hormone level evaluations to diagnose endocrine disorders

Medication Management

  • Prescription and adjustment of medications like insulin, thyroid hormone replacement, or adrenal hormone replacement to manage symptoms and regulate hormone levels

Blood Sugar Monitoring and Control

  • Guidance for patients with diabetes on self-monitoring of blood glucose levels
  • Education on insulin administration and adjustment of treatment plans as needed

Lifestyle Counseling

  • Offering guidance on healthy habits, weight management, nutrition, and exercise to promote overall endocrine health and manage symptoms

Monitoring and Follow-up

  • Regular assessment of patients’ endocrine status, tracking treatment progress, and adjusting care plans as needed

Referrals to Specialists

  • Coordinating care with endocrinologists, dietitians, or other specialists for advanced disease management or treatment of complex endocrine conditions

Patient Education

  • Teaching patients about their endocrine disorders, available treatments, and self-management strategies

Symptom Management

  • Addressing fatigue, weight changes, mood disturbances, and other symptoms associated with endocrine disorders

Collaborative Care

  • Coordinating with other healthcare providers and specialists to ensure comprehensive care for patients with endocrine conditions and co-occurring medical issues

Preventive Care

  • Providing screenings, vaccinations, and preventive measures for patients with endocrine disorders to minimize the risk of complications and improve long-term outcomes

Trust our team to guide and support you through every step of your endocrine disorder management journey. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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